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Monday, March 22, 2004

Happy new year!

Many happy returns of the day!

these days I am so bussy therefor I can't write anything about new year
but god wiilingly I will write more about the our traditional ceremony
in the begining of the spring.
wait me some days later.
thank you.

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Monday, March 01, 2004

W ho is Imam Hossain?
He is the freeman who could prove that you as a man can stay against cruelty, injustice, tyrannous and tyranny.
Yes, he is the third Imam (leader) of the Sheyeh (one of the branches of Islam)
He is the son of Ali the famous man of Justice. But in my opinion he is the leader of all in the world because he showed this important fact in Karbala which we should stand against injustice.
In fact, in that time humanity needs some one to wake him up and this time also since ruler of that time was a dissolute and deceitful man. So Imam decided to stand against him so he went to him by his friends (700-800).and there happened a tremendous war which they killed Imam and his friends but they could prove their manhood by resisting the enemy. However they had been killed but the fact of the matter is they drove out them from the field and showed the truth and reality to all. In any way I can't say any thing about him or his friends. Just this quotation by Imam Hossain:
"If you don’t have religious at least live as a generous and free man.".

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Monday, February 09, 2004

Grandma! What happened!
I wish I had found you again
On your legs again I sprawl, weep
Tied them with hands as a string,
Around them it has been ringed
Till you couldn't go else

At nights, you were embracing me
How beautifully you embraced me
Often you set me on you arms

Then we, both had sweet sleep
As I was urinating on you drowsily
I made you wet
Then you heat up the water and clean yourself
Again you were kissing me
You were not being resent of me

Who quarreled with me!
You were my supporter
You were taking me and leaving there
When mom was punishing me

What a kind hearted you were
Can't it be in the others inside?
Heart is saying: no, no
That sincerity, profound kind
As my honor in childhood
Left with you and faded

Grandma, you yourself uttered
In paradise God will give you
What your gloomy heart wished
Commit it to memory
You have promised me orally

If I got a severe day
You know what I wanna say
Listen me carefully
For the sake of childhood's contract

Grandma, oh, what happened?
If I could find childhood
If I could get you
If I could embrace you
If I could weep with you
Again to be child, sleep into your arms
If there is a paradise like it
I won't want anything from my lord, god.

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Where are you, grandma?
I adore you fervently.
How I lost you!
There won't be anyone else
Anyone else like you

On the day which you passes away
The aunt came and brought me to another village
Me as child, how should I know!
Kids having been amused me
Stayed there several days

Coming back, I saw
They had gathered your bedspread
Neither you are nor your bed

I asked," Where is grandma"
They told that grandma had gone
To a pilgrimage to Karbala

For getting her cure from there
The long journey she has
It will take some years

As heartbroken,How I wept
I screamed some days
I became hoarse

She can't go anywhere
Without me
What happen this time?
She has left here
Without me

Walking out in protest
I saw them by violence
Then I said that me too
Gonna chase her
They replayed, too young to go there you are
Read and finish the Koran as soon as you can
While you are finishing that
Grandma may return from pilgrimage
I read and finished the Koran hotfoot
To write you "come now
I have finished the Koran.
Buy gift for me from there"
In each paper, dad's eyes were filled with tears.
And you didn't come else
Several years I was numerating
Days and weeks with this waiting
Till I gradually grew and realized
You have been dead!

Still to know or not
There is a lost in my heart
Eyes are always looking for her
What wonderful are these lost!

To be continuing….

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Monday, January 12, 2004

The camel embles gentely night and day.

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Friday, December 19, 2003

Abu Nasr Farabi

Abu Nasr Farakh Farabi was born in Wasji,near Farab in Turkistan in 870 AD.
His ancestors had migrated to Turkistan. Know as al-Phrarabius in Europe, Farabi was the son of a general. He completed his early education at Farab and Bukhara but went to Baghdad for higher studies, and stayed there from 901 AD to 942 AD. During this period he acquired mastery over several languages as well as various branches of knowledge and technology. He lived through the reign of six Abbasid Caliphs.
Farabi traveled to many lands and studied for some time in Damascus and Egypt, but repeatedly came back to Baghdad, until he visited Saif al-Daula’s court in Halab (Allepo). During his early years, he was a judge, but later took up teaching as his profession. He died a bachelor in Damascus in 950 AD at the age of 80.
Farabi contributed considerably to science, Philosophy, logics, sociology, medicine, mathematics and music. He also stands out as an Encyclopedist. As a philosopher, he may be classed as Neoplatonist who tried to synethesize Platonism and Aristotelism with theology and he wrote rich commentaries on Aristotle’s physics, meterology and logics in addition to several books. He came to be known as the Second Teacher, Aristotle being the first. One of the important contributions of Farabi was to make the study pg logics easier by dividing it into two categories:
Takhayyul (idea) and Thubut (proof0.
In sociology, he wrote several books out of which Ara Ahl al-Fadila became famous. His books on psychology and metaphysics were largely based on his own work. He also wrote a book on music, captioned Kitab al-Musiqa. He was a great expert in the art and science of music and invented several musical instruments, besides contributing to the knowledge of musical notes.
In physics he demonstrated the existence of
Although many of his books have been lost, 117 are known, out of which 43 are on logics, 11 on metaphysics, seven on ethics, seven on political sciences, 17 on music, medicine and sociology, while 11 are commentaries. Some of his more remained a textbook of philosophy for several centuries and is still taught at Eastern institutions. The book kitab al-Ulum discusses classification and fundamental principles of science in a unique and useful manner.
Farabi exercised great influence on science and knowledge for several centuries.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Feeling the beauty of nature
part 2

But the second part of my statement are the ways of feeling beauty as a matter of act my knowledge do not let me to know the exact ways of this fact because I am younger than it. You know, it needs a lot of experience to understand the exact beauty and its exact ways but I want to add some things which I have read in books or I have heard from the others.
Well, when I am challenging to get definition of the real meaning of beauty, I should to know how I can feel the beauty especially about the nature.
In my opinion, if I want to pose myself in the river of this fact to catch ocean, first I do have self-purification till to think well advised about beauty. In fact, as if I couldn't be like it, I couldn't think about it purely. Therefore first important step is self-purification and self- scrutiny and the second step is researching and realizing the creator of these creatures which we think they are beautiful and they are. If I get that things all over the globe are beautiful because of god, I would catch the beauty of creature who named god (supreme god) and when I fall in god's love and believe him, I assure myself that I will enjoy living , relationship with men and especially with humanity, I will enjoy exist.
Not only I think beauty, beauty of nature and felling beauty of nature have creator who is beautiful than these fields (with plenty powerful belief), but also each men believes that the god is the paramount beauty. It depends on the understanding of a person.
I was telling to myself that if I want to find and keep ways of feeling the nature's beauty, I should try to feel the god and his beauty then the key of its gate will come from beyond because I think that sense of beauty is from beyond and if I tolerate in this way , I will get how can I feel the beauty of nature and providence will watch over me.

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